Physicians for Human Rights Asylum Network (2008-2010) Pro-Bono Asylum Psychological Evaluations.

Healthy Villi, Greater Boston Celiac/DH Support Group

  • Education Chair, 2005-2010
  •         Brochure Design
  • Webpage Task Force Redesign 2008-2010
  • Executive Board, 2005-2010
  • Strategic Planning Coordinator, 2006-2007
  • Associate Board Member, 2004-2005

Research Consultant, Immigrant Family Violence Institute, International Institute of Boston, 2010

Research Consultant, Latino Families Research, Center for Family Therapy Research, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 2008-2009

Program Evaluator, SafetyNet: Program for Trafficked and Enslaved Persons, International Center for the Survivors of Torture, International Institute of Boston, 2007-2010

National Institutes of Health, Cultural and Qualitative Research Interest Group, Member, 2008-

Breaking It Down: Our Health Our Way Initiative, ENACCT & COHS Cancer Clinical Trials Education Project, Harvard School of Public Health, Planning Committee Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative. 2006-2008

Higher Education Task Force Planning Committee Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative. 2006-2008

Executive Office of Health and Human Services, CBHI Clinical Workforce Conference Planning Committee, 2008-2009

Proposal Writing: Intercultural Links: A Mental Health Program for Latino Immigrants. (2004). Association of Chilean Immigrants in Barcelona. Secretary of Immigration, Generalitat de Catalonia.

Strategic Consultation, Latinas y Niños, Women and Children’s Program, Casa Esperanza, 2001-2002

Advisory Board, WGBH Public Television-Amigos de La Plaza, 1998-2003

Advisory Board, Harvard Medical School’s Institute for Diversity in Medical Education, Symposium on Multicultural Education, 1999

Member Data Workgroup, Latino Health Initiative, Health and Human Services Administration, 1998

Member, Latino Health Policy Council, 2000

Campaign Participant on behalf of Senate Bill 711 (MFT Vendorship), 1998-1999

Clinical Supervisor, Roxbury Comprehensive Health, Behavioral Care Dept., MFT Intern (Cambridge College), 1997-1998.

Participant, The Latino Professional Network, 1997-1999

Research Interviewee for Evaluating Qualitative Family Research by Linda Wark and Karen Blaisure, 1996-1999

Supervisor Subject for Doctoral Research by John Lawless, University of Georgia, Talk, talk, its only talk: The “Talk” of race, ethnicity, and culture in marriage and family therapy supervisor (Conversation analysis). 1998-1999

Video-Producer, Friends Support and Action Group, Northampton, MA. 1992-1993

Workshop Organizer, Cloe Madanes: Sex, Love, and Violence, School of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1990, Spring.