PhD Lab

Bacigalupe Graduate Research Lab at UMASS Boston

  • Task #1: Essential: Complete the CITI Training and Human Subjects Education
  • Project #1: Social media, ethics, and collaboration in healthcare.
  • Project #2: The M Immigrant generation chapter. In press
  • Task #2: Reference Search Team Work Flow Best Practices (Google Schoolar, EndNote, DropBox, Google Drive)
  • Project #3: Celiac & Diet Adherence IRB review, instruments selection, recruitment tasks.
  • Celiac fieldwork planning
  • Bibliographic Software and Literature Review Workflow
  • Conference abstract submissions
  • Health psychology bibliography and resources update
AFTA Poster Ali

Ali, Melissa, and Kimberly presenting three research team posters at AFTA 2013

The 2012 Class

The 2012 Inaugural PhD Class at the Department of Counseling and School Psychology UMASS Boston.

The CSP PhD 1st Class

The 2013 CSP PhD Students Cohort