Over a decade ago, I spent a year studying in Sevilla, Spain. I remember very vividly leaving my mother at the airport, nervous to embark on such an enormous adventure by myself—a new language, an unfamiliar culture, and the greatest test of my independence I had yet to encounter. My first few days here in Chile flooded me with memories of my time in Spain. Although I have traveled a great deal in the past decade, something about this experience has brought me back to my 20-year-old self. It could be the tortilla we ate the first day, or the long mid-day meal full of wine, laughter, and not a single person rushing to go anywhere. It may be the coincidence that I am living with a woman with the same name as my host-mother in Sevilla, a woman who, like my Spanish host-mother, has two grown daughters and a posh home with a spectacular view. But I think what has most reminded me of my year abroad is the curiosity this city inspires in me. While a lot has changed since my time in Spain, there is a sense of unburdened freedom I feel now that is taking me back a decade. I am excited to immerse myself completely in this experience and see where my curiosity takes me!