Chilean Connections

Lucas, who’s a student of philosophy, and I bonded over watching “Hey Arnold” growing up – which made us reflect on how globalization has created these different “media cultures” that enable us to connect despite our distinct geographies. But apart from the media, I see so many parallels between Bombay, where I grew up, and Santiago. I see it in the contours of the rapid urbanization reflected in the increasing skyscrapers – Gonzalo echoed what many people who’ve lived in Bombay for years say, which is, “You wouldn’t believe what this area looked like 30 years ago.” I see it in the weekday traffic and the driving ethic in the road rules that are for the most part, optional. I feel it in family connections and the close bonds that make for lunches that become coffee and snacks with conversations about politics on the one hand and playful teasing on the other. And I definitely experienced it on the metro, where as the train pulled up I had a moment of panic where I wondered, “how am I going to get in”, but then you just trust that there will be a mutual accommodation of bodies, and that’s exactly what happens!

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